sobota, 15 października 2011

Wywiad z XFashion-LoverX

Mam dla was krótki wywiad ze zdobywczynią drugiego miejsca w MSW XFashion-LoverX.
Oto on:

1-How do you feel that you have the second place in the MSW must be a great honor for you?
Odpowiedź:Yes, it totally is. I'm very happy and im so grateful for all the votes I got. :D

2- You are famous:) And MSW make you a Star in Stardoll? What do you think?
Um. I don't know, hehe.

What inspired you to creating the design and costumes your MeDoll?They are beautiful!:)
Thank you. Well, I usually start from nice dresses that I like and then I usually create a similar dress, but I do it a bit to suit my style so that it does not look the same as the original dress. :)

Thank you for this short interview nice to talk with you:)
Thank you :)

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Fajnie że taki wywiad znalazł się na tym blogu:)